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Photo of Galloway cattle in a paddock. Red maple trees in the background. About 30 cows, white, black and dun coloured.
White Galloway cattle in a paddock with trees in the background
Belted Galloway cattle standing under a pine tree

Why Galloways?

Proven Nutritional Benefits

Galloway Beef is consistent with World Health Policy in the consumption of healthy food.

Proven Environmentally Friendly

Galloway Beef thrives using environmentally friendly grazing practices, organic fertilizers and animal Welfare

Proven Profitability for the Galloway Beef Breeder

Galloway beef delivers a winning combination that is not only profitable but sustainable

Galloway Beef cattle are ideally suited to outdoor living, both summer and winter.

 Proven Marketability

Breeders, producers, processors and butchers of Galloway beef have a readily marketable beef product for the consumer.

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