The Ancient Breed

for the 21st Century

Black Galloway cattle standing in the snow under bare trees
White Galloway cow and calf in a paddock

Galloway Cattle

Noted in chronicles of Roman Scotland, Galloway cattle haw been with us for millennia. This durability, combined with feed efficiency and natural marbling, make Galloway cattle an ideal choice for both pure bred and crossbred beef herds.

When an observer first sees Galloway cattle, the first thing noted is the remarkable hair coat. Double laired, the Galloway has a a coarse outer coat which repels moisture. Below is a thick “wool like” under coat which preserves body heat. Research at Montana State University (USA) has shown that a beef cow with just one inch thicker hair coat needs 20% to 25% less digestible feed to maintain body weight during cold weather. Galloway cattle with a hair count of approximately 4000 hairs per square inch (600 hairs per square centimetre) see winter feed costs which are significantly reduced.

Add to this a naturally marbled animal (see the article Growth and Breed Related Changes of Marbling Characteristics in Cattle Albrecht et al), you have flavourful beef raised on grass without excess fat.

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